Etex Nordic

During the past year, did you sometimes ask yourself: “Who or what is Etex Nordic? Is Ivarsson now Etex Nordic? And what about Ivarsson? Are the materials still the same?”

If you did, you are not alone. These and a lot of other similar questions have been put to our sales staff, customer service staff and technical project staff many times during the past year.

In answer to the first question – Etex Nordic is part of Etex Group, which is a global, family-owned Belgian industrial company that employs a workforce of more than 14,500 people around the world.

Etex Group was founded in 1905 and developed the first ever fibre cement solutions. For over 100 years, the group has specialised in the further development and production of construction materials based on fibre cement and unique designs.

In addition to the fibre cement divisions Etex Facade and Etex Roofing, the Etex Group also includes the divisions Etex Industry and Etex Building Performance. To learn more about the Etex Group, visit

In 2005, the Etex Group acquired the Danish trading and wholesaler company Ivarsson, which in 2000, was the first company to introduce fibre-cement panels in the Nordic Region, and among other things, was well known for the quality materials Cedral Lap for facades, and Ivarcem roofing. Over many years, the Etex Group ran Ivarsson, still with the name Ivarsson, without any major changes to the business.

In 2017, the Etex Group took the final decision to phase out the name Ivarsson. From then on, the company would be known as Etex Nordic. A very sensible decision, because in the years leading up to the acquisition, Ivarsson had further established itself in Malmø and Oslo, making it a Nordic supplier of construction materials made from fibre cement. Today at Etex Nordic, we employ around 70 people in the Nordic Region, distributed across our Nordic sites.

In other words, Etex Nordic is both an integrated part of the Etex Group (which has more than 100 factories around the world), and a locally integrated supplier of construction materials.

Our large Nordic warehouse facility is still located in Rødekro, which ensures smooth and fast access to Denmark from our factories in Europe, and further, to all of our Nordic customers.

Only one question remains – are the products made from the same excellent materials as they were when the company was called Ivarsson? Yes! In fact, they have become even better in recent years because we are now part of a global group, which every year, working in collaboration with our customers, invests millions of kroner in the further development, enhancement and refinement of fibre cement materials for use in major construction projects and smaller, private homes.

Today, our products and materials no longer include the name Ivarsson. Most of our products now have new names, the best known of these is our facade material Cedral, which is the name given to our fibre-cement panels that are used for the same purpose as wooden facades, and EQUITONE, which is the name of our fibre-cement panels that are used primarily in larger buildings.

This means that you can purchase with confidence fibre cement materials from Etex Nordic. Many of our employees are the same people from when the company was called Ivarsson, and we continue to supply the same high-quality products, personal customer service and technical know as we have always done – and which we will continue improve for the next 100 years!